Color Magick

The Basics of Color Magick


Color Magick is the art of knowing each colors unique properties and using them to assist you in your efforts. 

Learning the basics of color magick will help improve any energetic work you are doing. Color Magick is the art of knowing each colors unique properties and using them to assist you in your efforts. Furthermore, there is a wide variety of ways to incorporate color into your magickal practice daily. Therefore, in this article, we are attempting to fill in the color magick basics for you.

Color is a form of vibrational energy which affects us on different levels. Subconsciously, we all know how we react to different colors. Red, for instance, stimulates and excites us, while blue is calming and soothing. The color of a candle, or of anything in your immediate environment, is like a key which unlocks a certain compartment of your subconscious mind, and of your entire being. Those who cannot actually see colors can nevertheless feel their vibratory effects, because pigment is matter releasing energy at a certain rate of speed, or wavelength. That wavelength, or frequency activates, or energizes a certain part of your being as it penetrates your sight or your aura. Its impulses are transmitted to your brain along the nerve routes. Each color carries the vibratory effects of one of the Planetary influences, and / or one of the four elements - Earth, Fire, Air, or Water.

Color Magick And Associated Properties

Each color has a set of properties associated to it. So when you begin calculating the qualities you want to invoke, employee the color that best suits your needs.

  • White – Spirituality, protection, and cleansing.
  • Yellow – Communication, intellect, learning, concentration, action, and wisdom.
  • Orange – Empathy, confidence, legal matter, and pride.
  • Red – Ambition, vigor, endurance, passion, lust, and ambition.
  • Pink – Friendship, gentleness, reconciliation, and love.
  • Purple – Psychic matters, success, commitment, and power.
  • Blue – Healing, guidance, spirituality, truth, and happiness.
  • Green – Fertility, employment, good luck, prosperity, and beauty.
  • Brown – Nature, grounding, the animal kingdom, security, and lost things.
  • Grey – Divination, psychic awareness, legal matters, and secrets.
  • Black – Rebirth, binding, stability, and divination.
  • Silver – The Goddess, the Moon, visions, and intuition.
  • Gold – The God, the Sun, life forces, and longevity.

Since the beginning of time, colors have been endowed with magick

The ancient Egyptians used color in their Temples of Healing. The Chinese and the Chaldeans used it, as did the mystics of India who associated colors with the chakras. Pythagoras used it for healing. You cannot live without colors, it is your omnipresent companion throughout life. The actual symbolization of each color will be found to differ with authority, tradition, or school of thought, and in the final analyses, the only actual true authority for you is yourself. However, if you are not quite sure what each color means to you, or reminds you of, or makes you feel like, here are some universal guidelines from the fields of psychology, art and religion, which you may or may not accept.

 Candle color meaning


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