Five Finger Grass | GULA MAGICK
Five Finger Grass | GULA MAGICK
Five Finger Grass | GULA MAGICK
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Five Finger Grass

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Natural Dried Five Finger Grass Herbs 

Five Finger grass, which also goes by the name Silverweed, Torementil and Cinequefoil. It has a leaf that is divided into five segments and resembles a human hand. Five Finger grass is a popular magical ingredient and is believed to ward of evil and bring luck in matters of money and love. It is also used to ensure your lucky. Gamblers typically combine Five Finger grass with ginger root because they believe that it helps their skill, as long as it is something that the five fingers is capable of doing.

  • Botanical name: Potentilla reptans (LINN.)
  • Common name: Silverweed, Torementil and Cinequefoil.
  • To remove stubborn curses that have been place upon you.
  • Take a bath in the 5 Finger Grass tea for 9 consecutive days. Also place the Five Finger Grass Herb in a Red Bag for prosperity and good luck.
  • 8 - 10 gram per bag

About Five Finger Grass

Five-leaf Grass is a creeping plant with large yellow flowers like the Silverweed, each one growing on its own long stalk, which springs from the point at which the leaf joins the stem.

The rootstock branches at the top from several crowns, from which arise the long-stalked root-leaves and thread-like, creeping stems, which bear stalked leaves and solitary flowers. These stem-runners root at intervals and as they often attain a length of 5 feet, the plant is rapidly propagated, spreading over a wide area. It grows freely in meadows, pastures and by the wayside.

The name Five-leaved or Five Fingers refers to the leaves being divided into five leaflets. Each of these is about 1 1/2 inch long, with scattered hairs on the veins and margin, the veins being prominent below. The margins of the leaflets are much serrated. In rich soils the leaflets are often six or seven. Out of a hundred blossoms once picked as a test, eighty had the parts of the corolla, calyx and epicalyx in fives, and the remaining twenty were in sixes.

Although the flowers much resemble those of the Silverweed, the two plants can readily be distinguished by the difference in their leaves. The flowers secrete honey on a ringlike ridge surrounding the base of the stamens. Insects alighting on the petals dust themselves with the pollen, but do not touch the stigmas, as the honey ring extends beyond. If they alight in the middle of the next flower, they dust the pollen against the stigma and cross-pollinate it. But the flower is often self-pollinated. The flowers close up in part in dull weather and completely at night, and it is then that the anthers touch the stigmas.

Bacon says that frogs have a predilection for sitting on this herb: 'The toad will be much under Sage, frogs will be in Cinquefoil.'

It was an ingredient in many spells in the Middle Ages, and was particularly used as a magic herb in love divinations. It was one of the ingredients of a special bait for fishing nets, which was held to ensure a heavy catch. This concoction consisted of corn boiled in thyme and marjoram water, mixed with nettles, cinquefoil and the juice of houseleek.

In an old recipe called 'Witches' Ointment' the juice of Five-leaf Grass, smallage and wolfsbane is mixed with the fat of children dug up from their graves and added to fine wheat flour.

Magick Properties

Love, money, luck, power, protection

  • Warding Off Evil
  • bringing Good Luck in Money Matters
  • Love Affairs

Common Use

The herb is known to posses astringent properties.

Five-finger grass is applied in form of mouthwash or a gargle, and is additionally used to relieve diarrhea. Both leaves and root bark or powdered root can be applied. Root bark is also beneficial for internal hemorrhage, like nasal bleeding.

Magical Use 

  • For success in all the things that five fingers can do, to get others to do you favors.

  • Place a teaspoon each of Five Finger Grass, Alfalfa, add a Pyrite stone and dress with Money Drawing oil to attract prosperity to you.

  • Dress a Green candle in Gamblers Luck oil and roll in Five Finger Grass for extra luck with games of chance. Five Finger Grass and Sarsaparilla sprinkled around your home or business to invite prosperity.

Product type: Dried Herb
Material: Five Finger Grass
Weight: 8-10 gram per bag

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